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Job Postings are Dead

Are job postings going to go away? No. The point is that a posting is a requirement that is fixed in time, when in reality a position’s requirements are dynamic and “alive” in the sense of being subject to change. This is especially true when an early stage company is building a team. The analogy is akin to building an amorphous jigsaw puzzle where each subsequent piece changes to fit in with the one preceding it. Hiring managers put the team together based upon the skills and experience of each additional member. The six job requirements that were posted originally have now changed, and the remaining three positions are much different than the originals.

The point is, not applying for a role at a company that is a match for you because you do not see a job posting is a major mistake. Good companies make roles for great candidates based upon the availability of the candidate.

Another fact to consider: The majority of hires are made prior to or without a job posting. Not submitting a resume to a “good fit” company is a very limiting proposition.

Bottom line: As you cannot really be described by a resume, neither can the opportunity available to you be described by a job posting. There are probably several different positions for you to consider. Don’t depend on seeing a job posting that fits your experience and interest. Find a great company first and then explore with them what you can bring to the team.


“I hate my job” Career Site Advertising


Scene- ……..Panning view of chaotic office filled with chimps as viewed by a fellow worker through a glass conference room window. Papers flying, bubble wrap snapping, a lot of screaming and throwing of office supplies….
Voice over- ……”Do you work with a bunch of monkeys?”

Cut to- …….Focus shifts from the office scene to the fellow workers reflection in the conference rooms glass. Slowly the face of the viewer emerges from the blur, big hairy ears, buck teeth,…. it is the face of a donkey.

This is our take on the standard “I hate my job” ads run by the big job boards. You might be an “ass” if you work with a bunch of monkeys. Our point is, if you manage your career successfully, you will be at a good job and looking for a better one. Sure, sometimes mistakes are made or the job isn’t what was presented in the interviews, but the general point is , if you know what to look for and focus on the right type of opportunities, you won’t be working with a bunch of monkeys. They don’t make good references in any case.