5 Questions to Ask a Prospective Manager

How many people followed you over from your last company?

Who do you consider your best hire, why, and where are they now?

Why do you think I should come and work here?

What qualifications do you consider the most important when making a hiring decision?

How many people followed you over from your last company?

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3 Responses to “5 Questions to Ask a Prospective Manager”

  1. Good questions.

    Of course in a small start-up, the input and opinion of others, in addition to the employer, is equally important.

    Here’s what I found worked pretty well: Bring someone in around mid-morning and put them in situations where they and others in the company tackled the problems we were currently working through. This was usually various whiteboard and small group discussions. It wasn’t, however, a test in that we weren’t sure of the answer and were working to figure out what we would do.

    Since people need to add value immediately, and be able to do so working with the rest of the team, this gave them a good way to meet, get involved with others, and for everyone to see how this might work out.

    If the potential employee was still there when the pizza arrived around 7 or 8 p.m., it was a very good sign.

  2. 1st and last question exactly the same (sad face) 😦 and i need six questions 😡 (angry sad face)


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