Dont look for a job, look for a company

Searching for a web developer job doing ajax will return this job.

Obviously it is not really the job that one looks for. A job and a job description are dynamic. What a manger wants today is not what they want tomorrow. Hiring one person in the group changes the requirements of the following hires. Focusing on a job will lead you to a lot of buzzword matched opportunities at companies you would never work for.

If you find the right company first, with compatible culture, bright people and interesting projects, the job will take care of itself. There will probably be several “jobs” that would be agreeable to you at a great company.


2 Comments to “Dont look for a job, look for a company”

  1. very good.

  2. Looking for new/emerging startup in wireless or mobile application space. Have been in the embedded routing space too long and need another startup venture.

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